Inline Bodies Rolfing®

Inline Bodies Rolfing®

Please note that our prices changed on July 1st. If you are in the middle of the Rolfing 10-series, the previous rate will be honored until your series is complete.

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Rolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing Session NEW CLIENT - $210
Choose this session if it's your first time here. Please allow 90 minutes of time. We may not take that long, but this gives us enough time for intake questions, etc.
Rolfing® Session - $210
($200 cash price)
Rolfing (extended length) - $310
($300 cash price)
Focused Rolfing session - $110
($100 cash)


60min Massage - $150
75min Massage - $180
90min Massage - $210

Prenatal Bodywork

60min Prenatal Massage - $150
75min Prenatal Massage - $180

TMJ Treatments

30min TMJ Massage - $110
$100 cash price
90min Massage w/TMJ add on - $250

MARIN Location

Rolfing® Session (MARIN LOCATION) - $175
Sessions located at 7 Ross Ave San Anselmo, CA -
in the Centre for Structural Re-Integration.
60min Massage MARIN LOCATION - $125
Sessions held at 7 Ross Ave, San Anselmo
inside the Centre for Structural Re-integration
60min Prenatal Massage (MARIN LOCATION) - $125
90min Massage- MARIN LOCATION - $185
Sessions held at 7 Ross Ave, San Anselmo, CA
In the Centre for Structural Re-Integration
Directions 133 Kearny Street, suite 304, San Francisco, CA, United States